Original Paintings and Drawings

This collection includes a variety of my original drawings and paintings. Most of my paintings are acrylic that are done on stretched canvas. This collection also includes a few watercolor paintings and mixed media drawings. From graphite, colored pencils, pastels, chalk, markers and more....you can usually find a good combination of materials used when it comes to my artwork.

Custom Airbrushing

What can I say...I absolutely love skulls! I think it's pretty obvious once you take a look around my airbrush collection that I have a little obsession for skulls and flames. From motorcycles, helmets, snowmobiles, mailboxes and so much more...this collection has it all. The perfect mix of skulls, flames, flowers, butterflies and everything in-between. Over the years airbrushing has become one of my personal favorite hobbies and I think you'll see why

Random Projects

The title of this collection pretty much speaks for itself. From graffiti, refurbished furniture, decorated rocks and everything in between, this collection is completely random. Take a look around and see what I like to do in my free time.

Collection Overview

Thanks for stopping by my collection page. With just a quick look around you will soon find out that I like to dabble in all types of art and mediums. From graphite, acrylics, chalk, airbrushing, resin and so much more, you can find just about any kind of medium in my collection of past, present and surely soon-to-be new pieces. To me, art has no limits and I love trying out new techniques and materials. From delicate flowers to crazy skulls and flames you'll see that Brooklyn Yanke Art has a little something for everyone.  So please feel free to check out my collections and I hope you enjoy.